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*Unexpected weather and emergencies can cause classes to be postponed but we will make up any classes that have to be unexpectedly postponed.

Hip Hop Dance Information

Our Dance Space is located inside The Jym-Princeton at

312 North Main St., Princeton TX  75407

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Level 2 Hip Hop classes at $6 per class or $20 per month

Adult Hip Hop classes at $6 per class or $20 per month

Class space is limited

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Class Schedule

Dance classes are an ongoing commitment and require you to attend weekly in order to learn the choreography.  Once you fill out the registration information, the release waiver and make your payment, you will not need to sign in weekly for class.  It will be assumed that you will attend weekly unless you inform us that you will no longer be attending. 


Hip Hop Classes Offered

A place where students can come to learn how to dance and to improve their dance skills in a weekly class setting.  Our sessions are ongoing from August through June which allows the dancer to achieve the necessary skills needed to move up to the next level.  We have a performance level which is based on class hours, practice hours and attending classes on a regular basis.  This level will perform at local events and school events.  Advancement is based on the recommendation of the instructor.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we will be holding all active classes online.   See Below for Details.

How to Register and Pay

*Easy 3 Step Registration Process:

1.  Click on the Green button below to Register for Hip Hop Classes.

2.  Click on the Orange Release Waiver button to fill out the Release Waiver Form.

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*Registration,Payment and Release Forms must be completed before a student can begin classes.  

*THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!  If a dancer misses a class then that class will be forfeited and there will be no refunds or transfers for the class missed.