Top Dawg is a competition where teams/individuals go head to head to compete for the title!  Just like other sports tournaments, dance teams/individuals/duos/trios will be placed in brackets according to age categories and divisions.  They will dance/battle and the team or individual that scores the highest will advance to the Top Dawg bracket and their opponent will go to the Under Dawg bracket.  If a team does go to the Under Dawg bracket then they will be able to fight their way back to win 3rd place.  The teams in the Top Dawg bracket will battle for 1st and 2nd place.  All 1st Place winners will dance/battle for the Grand Championship.  Each entry will be guaranteed at least 2 opportunities to dance/battle during the tournament and possibly dance 5 or more times during the tournament.

Grand Championship:

The top teams/individuals in their divisions will go head to head to compete for the Grand Champion Title!  The evening before the last day a 1:30 piece of music will be emailed to all of the dancers/teams remaining in the Top Dawg brackets.  Emails will be sent to the contact information on the registration form.  Each individual/team will have the evening and time before the Grand Championship to come up with original choreography which will be used to battle in the Grand Championship Finals.  All bracket winners will compete against each other for the Grand Championship based on Age Categories.  The Grand Champion will be given a special trophy and awarded a full scholarship back to the same event the following year and have to fight for their title as reigning champion.

*Trophies will be given to each bracket winner.

*Special Awards will be given out by the judges: Crowd Favorite, Most Inspiring Routine, WOW Factor and Most Creative Costumes.

*Cash Awards will be given to Division Winners  and Grand Champions based on entry fees.  

*Grand Champions will be awarded a Full Scholarship back to the same tournament location the following year, a Grand Champion Dawg Collar and each dancer on the team will receive a Dawg Tag.  The Dawg Collar will be kept by the Grand Champion to be  brought back the following year.  The Grand Champion will have to fight to get their title and the Dawg Collar back as reigning Top Dawg Champion.

*Professional Management and Agency Opportunities will be possible.

*Scholarships and Prizes will be given out throughout the tournament.

Registering for our tournaments is a simple process.  Click on the Registration Button below and fill out the information on the registration page, your registration will be sent to our email and  you will be sent an invoice for payment.  Once your fee is paid we will send you an email to explain how to submit your video submission for placement.

Early Registration:  

Solo - $100

Duo/Trio - $55 each dancer

Small & Large Groups - $45 each dancer

On-Time Registration:

Solo - $110

Duo/Trio - $65 each dancer

Small & Large Groups - $55 each dancer

Late Registration:

Solo - $125

Duo/Trio - $75 each dancer

Small & Large Groups - $65 each dancer

Showcase Teams:

All age groups and sizes - $35 each dancer

Spectator Fees:

$25 for the weekend or $15 per day

Top Dawg Dance Tournaments




Judges & Judging

General Information


Our judges will consist of experienced dance judges, celebrity judges and agents and managers.  This will give opportunity for pursuing a professional career in dance.   If our judges like what they see then they will have an opportunity to have call backs with the dancers to see if pursuing a professional career as a dancer is something they want to achieve.

Judging Criteria:

20 points per category with 5 categories which = 100 points possible.

Judging Categories:

Choreography - Difficulty, Musicality, Tricks, Visual Effects

Creativity - Uniqueness, Variety, Artistic Choices

Performance - Stage Presence, Character, Energy, Confidence

Technique - Execution, Transitions, Cleanliness, Strength, Control

Overall Impression - Crowd Appeal, Emotion, Synchronization, Costuming

*16 Teams in each bracket with 12 brackets total.

*All Styles vs. All Styles

*Guaranteed at least 2 dances for the weekend per category and age group.

*Dances will be limited to 2:30.  

*Different dances can be performed throughout the weekend.

*Age Categories:  Junior (17 and under)

                                      Senior (18 & up)

                                      Open (All ages mixed)

                                      Showcase (All ages)

*Divisions:  Solos


                          Small Group (4 - 10 Dancers)

                          Large Group (11 Dancers and Up)

*All brackets will be determined by video submission and registration.  If there is space left in a bracket the week or day of competition then those teams/individuals will be placed by age category to fill in empty brackets.